Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Problems and Progress

You may have read my other blogs, and you may already know that the last week has been complicated.  Expensive things are breaking down, my workout partner is spending most of his time working, and now I've got my daughter's cold. Despite setbacks, this last week my husband and I have managed to stick to our work-out schedule fairly well and have been inspired by the changes we can now see in our bodies.  My husband's shoulders and arms are blowing up.   Five years ago, at the end of a very physical job, he was ripped, but smallish.  Now he weighs about 20 lbs more, and is so much more muscular than I've ever seen him.  As for me, I don't just touch my toes during stretches -something I've always had trouble with- now I grab my heels and pull!  I haven't lost weight but there's no more 'squeezing' into pants, and I've lost about 2 inches off my hips and waist.  The 'double chin' I thought was a permanent feature has disappeared. 
In light of my busy week -that's going to get busier tomorrow- and the fatigue that this little cold has hung on me, I have decided to postpone beginning week 6 till tomorrow. (it was supposed to begin yesterday).  This will put me doing Plyometrics on Thanksgiving day.  It sounds difficult, but it will make the food so much yummier. 
Since I had no computer last week I was not able to report my modification of the P90X Lean schedule: to add intensity I will be doing Plyometrics instead of Cardio X, and to add effectiveness may substitute Core X for Ab-Ripper when I have time.  little note: I have learned that my core is very weak and the exercises in Ab-Ripper are so intense that I have trouble getting work done.  Core X is also very difficult for me but, because it is longer, I have more of a chance to make progress.

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