Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trying Shakeology, Revamping Nutrition Plan

Just got a 30 day supply of this in the mail yesterday.
 I've gone over and over the Nutrition/Supplement Facts, I've watched the Videos, I've Heard Amazing things. Yet with such a big Price Tag, I am Skeptical. We're Working out 5-6 times a week and It is Imperative that we get proper nutrition to support positive change. Considering the High Prices of Local Organic Produce (that Provides the Best Nutrition), and the fact that prep time is becoming an issue, the Price of Shakeology doesn't seem so bad. This Supplement makes it easier to get essential nutrients quickly. That's why I decided to try it, at least one bag.
I'm going to be revamping our nutrition plan for the next few months. I'm hoping to cut costs and fats, while adding a bigger rainbow of nutrients. It won't be easy. Step One will be Reading the Nutrition Book that came with My Insanity DVDs. (We'll be starting Insanity Workouts, on the Tail End of our P90X routine.)
I'm thinking Brown Rice, Whey Protien, and Of course Replanting my Vegetable Garden will be Essential Parts of My New Nutrition Plan. The Shakeology should fill in the holes.
I've also got to cut my body fat % . I'm around 30%, It's a high average, but not acceptable for someone trying to build a Fitness Business.  Besides All That, How Can I Expect You To Try It If I Don't.
Wish Me Luck!
p.s.  yeah it does taste awesome!

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