Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Shakeology and Spiru-tein

I just compared the Nutrition Labels of Shakeology (chocolate) and Spiru-tein (chocolate).....Spiru-tein is much cheaper per serving, uses non GMO soy along with rice and pea protein, and provides essential nutrients lacking in Shakeology, notably Niacin, Biotin, and Vitamins D and E.  However, Shakeology offers a much more diverse collection of nutrients, notably Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, as well as a variety of super-foods.  As ingredients go I'd say that Shakeology wins out with huge array of plant based nutrients, apparently no soy, and added probiotics.  Spiru-tein has a much lower cost and provides great nutrition, importantly many not in Shakeology.
There is a lot of overlap, they both provide quality nutrition with protein, and a wealth of nutrients that most meal replacement drinks can't match.  They both taste great!
In the end, I recommend including them both as quick, easy, quality, calories.  Fast food for the health-nut.  Ideally we would all have time and money to buy and prepare only raw organic meals.  We can try, but these supplements make it easier to be healthy.
I also recommend investing in a high quality juicer.
You can get Shakeology through me or your Beachbody Coach, and Spiru-tien from your local natural health food store ( around here: Wynant's, Friendly Street Market, and probably available at Capella's and Sundance)


  1. Well I've now been drinking Shakeology regularly for two weeks. One big note: YUMMMMMMM. Also the high fiber content has optimized my digestion, and it is a very filling low call snack. It's the opposite of empty calories, more like chock-full of nutrition calories. :)

  2. fyi, I am no longer a beachbody coach, but I still endorse and use their products. I haven't bought spirutien in over a year, but I have re-started ordering Shakeology.

  3. I'm a complete opposite I have used Spitutien over the past 10years in 3 different times where I've loved it. I'm absolutely a fan and love love love not having to add additional fruits and veggies to my protein shakes. I usually grab a 8oz silk almond vanilla milk and a scoop of powder and run to my daughters cheer practice or church or take my packets when I travel. I have yet to play and test out Shakeology....and with 3 canisters of shake I still will. Just for the heck of it.

  4. I use Spiru-tein (Vanilla) every morning for my breakfast. 1 heaping scoop, plain soy milk, blueberries, 4 oz. of fat free cottage cheese in the Nutri-Bullet and there's breakfast. It is delicious and 1/4 the cost of Shakeology.