Saturday, December 4, 2010

Go Local!

Yesterday, I gave my Beachbody business card to Wynant's Family Health Food, (South A Street, Springfield, OR).  In return one of the cashiers gave me two hand made hair-clips for my daughter.  She makes them herself as her own side business.  If you live around here you should go by and check them out.  Oh, and I buy most of my organic produce, Bob's Red Mill products, Wilcox Eggs, Noris Organic Milk, Nancy's Yogurt, Cliff Builder's Bars, Spiru-tein, and vitamins there.  They are always very nice and very helpful.  There's a butcher shop just down the street if you want some free range beef too.
Buying local, and organic, supports your local economy and personal nutrition.  Get to know your local businesses and farmers, for the best products in your community.
Our Ducks are playing Our Beavers today, CIVIL WAR!

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