Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Attempt at Ten Tiny Tips to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition

My Attempt at Ten Tiny Tips to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition
  1. Do eat a balanced, satisfying breakfast first thing in the morning.  This keeps your metabolism from slowing down into starvation mode.
  2. Do use a little Honey and Maple Syrup instead of processed sugars.  But don’t get carried away, natural sweeteners are high in calories and low in nutrition.  The same applies to complex carbohydrates, they are necessary for a balanced diet, but are high in calories.  Try to stick with minimally processed whole grains.
  3. Do eat a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and Vegetables are nutrition dense, low calorie foods.  Eat them all day long, whenever you want.  Carrots and Apples are surprisingly satisfying and filling.
  4. Do eat around 5 small meals a day. 200-600 calories each, depending on your personal caloric needs.  Eat before you feel hungry and stop eating before you feel full.  Eat slow.
  5. Don’t eat anything but pure protein within three hours of bedtime, when possible.  Everything else, especially fats and sugars, can slow down your metabolism.
  6. Do Know your personal caloric needs.  Whether you want to gain, lose, or maintain weight.   
  7. Do eat! Eating too little slows down your metabolism.
  8. Do rely on how you look and feel to gauge your progress.  Don’t rely on the bathroom scale to tell you how healthy you are.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so you can be making amazing progress toward optimal health, without losing any weight. 
  9. Do involve family and friends in your lifestyle change, and ask for help.  But don’t rely on them to make changes for you.
  10. Do Believe in Yourself and Your own Power to Change!
I keep thinking of more things to add....another day another post.. :)

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